Locations always play an essential role in the films of Jan Ketelaars. The backside of a location and attention for the unusual in the usual forms a constant factor in his work.
His films have a photographic style, are observant and almost always have a philosophical nature. With mild irony he portrays people who, in their transient daily life, are involved in a fight against the forces of their environment. It is this irony that fills his films with humor.
Jan has worked together with Paul van den Wildenberg in several films. Their most recent film was Triptych, images of a kingdom (2011). This purely visual, evocative film illustrating three intriguing locations in The Netherlands was screened at the International Film Festival Rotterdam, the Netherlands Film Festival Utrecht and in Split. Now they are working on a few short documentaries with a fictional element.
In 2021 Jan made 4 portraits in collaboration with Johan van Kempen about architects in the province of Utrecht, Casper Schuuring, Johan Huibers, Jan Poolen and Carin ter Beek. They are broadcast by RTV Utrecht and Parmando TV.

Jan is a board memer of the NANAI foundation, (Netherlands Association for North American Indians). NANAI’s main goal is to provide information in The Netherlands over Native Americans. Jan is editor of NANAI Notes Magazine, which is published twice a year.
He has visited the US several times. On these trips he has made a lot of interviews with indians. A few of them you can watch on his Vimeo channel. You can also see short fragments of a lot of his other films on this Vimeo channel. Jan is now working on a film about the wild native forests in the Netherlands. Ecologist and cultural historian Bert Maes will be followed for a while. The film is a plea for good management of our old forest cores. The producer is Stichting Geelprodukt. Executive producer is Ben van Lieshout for whom Jan has edited many films.
Jan is also a freelance editor primarily for documentaries. At the moment, Jan is editing the experimental documentary De Bladzij en de Werkelijkheid by Frederieke Jochems about the life and work of writer and translator August Willemsen.