Gloomy skies, gusts of rain over dark fields. At the horizon a massive dike with somewhere behind it the spaciousness of a grey sea. Secluded in this wet environment, lives a man in a house trailer. He is of foreign descent, alone with his presence. He is killing time, uncomplainingly listening to the clattering of rain, writing a letter to the outside world. A DUTCH DAY gives a suggestive impression of a displaced man on a drizzly day in the Dutch lowlands.

Cast and text: Duro Toomato
Producer: Ronald Groenink for Terrain Vague Film
Sound design: Paul Gies and Michel Schöpping

Festivals and screenings

  • 2002 Nederlands Film Festival
  • 2003 Oberhausen
  • 2003 Hamburg
  • 2004 Motovun
  • The film is distributed by the Filmbank and is shown many times in The Netherlands and abroad, as part of a packet Dutch